Our organization is built upon the idea that everyone needs a little push to help the achieve short-term as well as long-term goals. We believe that there are those who see no hope for a variety of reasons, whether it be challenges in education, employment, housing, etc. We want to provide the springboard that rekindles the ambition for people who have somehow fallen on hard times.
provide resources necessary to rekindle the ambition of people who have somehow fallen on hard times.”

Through a series of programs ranging from veteran’s assistance and housing, to youth outreach and guidance it is our goal to provide a sense of inspiration and self-worth as well as develop an attitude of self-help that will be a catalyst for improving the living conditions of all residents of Orange and surrounding counties.

The first goal that we would like to accomplish is to provide housing and assistance to the numerous homeless veterans here in Orlando. We understand that there is a need to address the issue of homelessness in the Orlando area, but we find the need to address assisting those who served our country and whom we attribute our freedom to, one of the most prevalent and dire needs of our community. As a part of The Success Group's service, we plan to offer the following essential and vital needs to veterans:

  1. A resource center with access to employment databases, computer and internet access, printing and faxing capabilities, and phone use.
  2. Free Notary services.
  3. Fingerprinting services.
  4. Educational tools and referral programs.
  5. Assistance with resume writing and job applications.

While we know that there are programs out there that already offer these kinds of assistance and services, statistics show us that there is still a need. We are confident that our program will provide a family type of feeling to the veterans by providing what they need most, which is a sense of caring. We plan to follow through with those involved in our program by providing them with continuing support and attention to ensure that they continue on a path that not only makes them a SUCCESS, but leads them to accomplishing all of their goals and dreams.